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Targetting or finding built fences


I have an opponent in the multiplayer treasure grove which builds a trap with two fences in which he will teleport me. I am unable to free myself from this trap as I dont find a way to target and destroy the fence entity.

this.findByType(“fence”) or “fence-wall” doesnt report any results. Also it will not appear in the results of findEnemies, findItems or findHazards.

I applaude to this creative idea to win the fight,but feel that it should be a way out of this trap. Besides trying to attack the fence, which was impossible, I tried to mine jump myself over the fice, which the result that I learned that fences have an unlimited height…

Any ideas?


Who would do such a mean a dirty trick… :smiling_imp:

At the risk of unseating myself from #1 I will give 2 hints (and because this is a game about learning):

It is possible to get out with only the basic starting equipment
The solution is really, really stupid

And you can detect if you are trapped with a clever isPathClear()


Hehe, I didnt mean to sound offended. I appreciate the tactic, it works really good and I even enjoyed the lure message :wink:

The solution is the same you use when you try to free yourself if no one falls for you? In this case I prefer to just not walk into your trap then, as I miss some other spells which might help me to overcome the aftermath of this :wink:


No offense taken.

The solution is the same as I use, but you can also just use a sword.

Staying out of range works. You could try using isPathClear() to look for the fences or see pos.x and pos.y are changing significantly (that’s actually what I do to decide if I should even build the fences) to know if you should go into stay away mode.


I really like your trap, i was caught in it too, I also like that you are a good sport and give hints to get out of it.

So far I only have a warrior, so I can’t switch you back into your own trap, but I will find a way to get out of the trap.