The Bloons TD Battles 2 Topic

Here’s a topic for BTD Battles 2!
I don’t know if anybody else plays, but I bet at least some people have heard of it or tried it at one point.

ive played it a bit but more just btd 6

How much is a bit? Like just tried it out a few times?

yea i got it on my phone played it for like 30 minutes

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i might play it again just to play with you or any other discourse members. is their a clans system in it?

There is. (20 chars wish they would fix the gear issue)

mabye we could make a discource clan if anyone else plays it

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It does cost a decent chunk of the in-game cash though; and I’m too poor currently to afford it :skull:

how much. also idk why they do that in games i wish you got to make one for free after a certain amount of playing to prevent spaming but still let people make one

It’s 5k in “monkey money.” You can get a max of 100 from winning a game and you get a couple hundred for free each day so it’s kinda like getting it for free after a certain amount of time. The cash is used for a lot of other important things though.
You can also buy it for about 1 dollar per 500 money depending on how much you get ofc

yea monkey money is such a scarce resource even in btd6 and that game cost money. seriously why do paid games have micro transactions. at leat btd battles 2 is free.

Hmmm I could try joining clans with no members besides the leader and convince them to abdicate

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honestly it would be fun to find different team based games and make a code combat team or clan. we could do pixel gun 3d too.


I remember it

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combine that image with minecraft

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thankfully the pixel gun 3d doesn’t have voice chat because it mostly children who play it and children + voice chat = horrors beyond your wildest dreams

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Yo I play this game!!!

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How much does it cost I have like 13k monkey money.

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Nice! It’s 5k so a hefty amount


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