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yes it is. im near the end of act 3

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ive gotten through all 3 acts before but the cookies have been reset sense then

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@Piano_Zombie What are some more versatile loadouts you would recommend? I’ve got Tack, Village, Glue, Farm, Sub and Wiz with tier fives unlocked. I only have science gwen though.

There aren’t many strategies that I can think of that are versatile like tack farm wiz. Almost every good strategy I can think of is map dependent. Though here are two that are pretty versatile

Dartling alch glue
You can run this on basically any map that has good dartling spots. Get bloon solver for tight moabs, super glue for ddts, and alch buffed 230 Dartling for round 13.

Tack mortar farm
Can be ran on any map where tack farm wiz is most effective (except koru). You rely on mortar for most of your popping power from round 11-16. It’s the same flowchart for tack farm wiz, but instead of necromancer you need a 320 and 022 (or 023 if your opponent has Jericho) by round 11.

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did you change your name?

Lol that was you
I don’t even remember what happened in that game; who won??? :laughing:

I won and yes that was me.

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I think he’s doing some kind of “you can only micro heroes” challenge; he bought Quincy as I rushed him and used level three.

What’s a micro hero?

like buying something, using an ability, and then selling it.

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Nvm his video was a two towers chimps challege; I guess he just gave up the challenge after I rushed him.

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Hey is this programming? Or is it some kind of game?

its a game about monkeys with darts