The End of an era

I haven’t checked this discourse in months and now, the largest off topic I’ve seen has closed due to maximum amount of posts. what else is new?

there was a part two but chaboi was fed up of all the drama and spam so so part two only survived 3 days

wasn’t it 4 days? 20

why were people spamming? was it to get it to 10,000 posts?

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no. At least, I don’t think so.

no it was because @Falcons118 and me @ZAX155 were super chatty

and also the biggest topic closed is not the end of an era

yeah, sort of a hyperbole.

Okay this is a unnecessary topic so can someone close it

It is labeled #off-topic

but this topic is extremely exaggerating what happened. Is it really the end of an era???

The era of the Doritos, Spoilers, Fortnite and HTML editing in a topic with an incredibly long name and so many posts have ended.


But this topic is just hyperbolae and is unnecessary it should be closed.

@milton.jinich, NONE of the off-topics are necessary.

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I know that but all this topic is is is a bunch of hyperbolae

Don’t include me(20 char)

okay so what your suggesting is that we don’t post here. Deal.


Yes, very sad.

(Also edited. No one can read the original post now.(None of these were rude))

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The end of the era is when any big off topic is closed. Like it was with topic for jokes. (the 1st one)
But in a couple of weeks Discourse will be back again, don’t worry guys.


It’s still here! I don’t think you could say the off-topic posts characterise the discourse. They make up a large part of it, but they haven’t always, and they don’t have to now either, but I think while there’s popular demand then they should stay.