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The most powerful Ogres

his mouth looks like one of those speakers so he can yell his orders(and his lousy orders never work because I always defeat him)

he really needs to use his 3 centimetre brain cuz why does he think i would lose to him when i have more than 3k health?

warlocks are cool. witches are annoying. munchkins are pathetic.

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Peons are also pathetic they are like dumb munchkins and 7 health come on


the most powerful ogre is warlock, with nothing like competition.

same, like remember that desert level where you lead them into an ambush? and what about that one where decoys lead them to the wrong place (firetrap, yaks(sand), archer ambush…

Hi, @Dragonlouis if you are going to post on a topic please also stay on topic. This topic is for peoples opinion abput the most powerfull ogre.

Best ranged unit in damage/DPS
  • Thrower
  • Fangrider
  • Headhunter
  • Warlock
  • Witch
  • Shaman
  • Oricle of Zha

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The oricle of zha is a custom entity

I know it was a thing I just wanted to add

The oracle of Zha is a shaman that has a hudName and has a bigger scale factor.

It is different than a shaman for one thing it is much better than oe

I just said it’s scale factor is bigger (which makes it bigger) and it’s hudName property is Oracle of Zha. It might shoot different missiles. It has higher health, and maybe different damage too.

I know the oricle is bigger better damage and health

I can make a level with a completely broken stats on a munchkin and that doesn’t classify it as a standard entity

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