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Those poor ogres, like lambs to the slaughter


Just a random thought I had upon receiving the latest “new level” send-out email:

Today’s training exercise brings us to a camp of raw munchkin recruits. These ogres will practically fall over if you yell “Boo” at them. A perfect place to practice new skills! Play Backwoods Standoff now.

I couldn’t help but thinking “Those poor ogres. Just sitting in their camp, drinking their grog or whatever, and then suddenly, BAM! In comes some guy/gal with a sword and the slaughter begins.”

(only slightly related to taking the npc’s view: )


Someday, I would like to make a campaign where you play the ogres. Possibly with the goal of teaching the code techniques that we use to create levels. But that won’t likely be soon :).


That would be cool.

For now I would just settle for having the shaman from Wakka Maul as an unlockable in the campain…