The next world (anyone able to help with this?)

I would like to know when the next world is coming out, but if it isn’t, aw shucks. Anyways, anyone no when it is going to?
I can rob you(codecombat username)

I don’t believe anyone knows for sure yet but if anyone has the faintest idea it would be @Maka. Even if there’s no definite target date yet, he may have a time frame? Or at least give us the official word on the release?

Fingers crossed…:crossed_fingers:

for all i know I can’t find a direct website to it. the last word does not currently hold:
castle, lava, fire, volcano, mountain, kelvintaph.

We currently do not have a target date for the volcano world.

We do intend to release more / new end-game content, but it is not a focus at this time.