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When is the volcano map going to be out?


I’ve been wondering lately that it has been a long time since the volcano maps’ design was in the world selection. When exactly is the volcano world going to be out?


I don’t know exactly. There haven’t been any updates on when the Volcano world will be released that I’ve been aware of, but as even the Glacier worlds is still partially in development (there aren’t a lot of levels, and I think they may be releasing more) I don’t think it’s any time soon :cry:


The devs have said that the Glacier is still in development. If you look in the thang editor, there are sprites for Zana Woodheart (ultimate ranger hero), and Illia Shieldsmith (ultimate warrior).

These, along with the ultimate wizard, are most likely going to be unlocked in the Volcano. It is also confirmed that there will be a final boss fight with Thoktar.

Have a great time coding!



Doesn’t the Gift of the Trees mention something about Yggdrasil? Maybe that will somehow be implemented into the game?


That would be cool. Maybe Thoktar corrupted Yggdrasil and threw the world into disaster, and we have to defeat him to restore peace…


Awesome theory!

Maybe there could be some sort of ring that lets you travel between “mini worlds” - for example, you could go to a magic world, or Yggdrasil to unlock Zana Woodheart, or even having to collect gems from each place to make a final portal to fight Thoktar!

The possiblities are endless :wine_glass:.

Just my 2 cents,