The Raised Sword (practice) Bug?

Hi, I completed The Raised Sword (practice) a 5 months ago and I revisit it to play again. Theres a new reward according to my friend who just played this level. I played it.
The new reward is 15XP, 23 Gems and a Sharpened Sword.

It gave me 15XP and the Sharpened Sword but not the 23 gems.
May I know how do i get the gems? My amount of gems is the same as before playing it.
I clicked done a few times.

If you have completed the level already, then rewards won’t be re-given unless it’s a replayable level in which case rewards will be increased. Perhaps you’ve claimed the 23 gems before you did the level?

I was assuming I didnt get that reward yet as I received the 15XP. If i got the 28 gems, I think i wont be rewarded the XP as well.

Is this level replayable. (Will edit if answer = yes)


All levels are replayable.

@Chaboi_3000 I think they meant it is a level where u get more rewards if u beat it again

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