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Cant complete "The Raised Sword"



First of all, I’d just like to say this game so far looks very promising. My plan was to play trough it unpayed to try out Python for the first time. Problem though is that I cant finish the quest “The raised sword” I’ve tried now, with 4 new accounts. (Made new ones when I got stuck incase I did something wrong perhaps) but every time I reach the quest it wants me to buy a armor for 50 gems, after buying a shield I end up with 47. And therefor cant continue, any idea how to fix this? (In screenshot I’ve got 0, because I tried buying gloves that cost 47 in hope that it was a bug)


So you’ve made it to this level without purchasing anything other than those things that you are required to purchase, but you don’t have enough to buy the armor. I wonder if some of the subscription levels are needed to get enough gems. They used to all be free. This may need to be looked at again.


Well, it’s only 4 quests in. It’s kinda strange to advertise that the game can be played free when you need to suscribe in order to even learn more then a few basic moves?


I passed this when I was not a subscriber and it was that I had to go do a few levels past this to get the gems required


The problem is that you are buying a shield before you buy the tarnished bronze breastplate. You should buy the breastplate as your first armor. I’ll adjust it soon so that you aren’t shown the option to buy the shield until you have the breastplate so that you can’t accidentally buy the wrong thing–sorry about that!

I’ve reset the purchases on your account, so you should be able to snag the breastplate.


Good plan. A shield isn’t necessary for that part of the game.

In fact, it’s possible to get up to the midpoint of the Forest levels by ONLY buying the Breastplate and, I believe, 1 other item. From what I can remember, nothing else is required between those 2 points.

I’ve often saved up my gems until mid-Forest, and grabbed the Painted Steel BP (once I’m high enough level & have ample gems), since Painted Steel BP pretty much easymodes a person’s game until you get up to “Siege of Stonehold”. :wink: The +297 HP is a wonderful boost, at that point!