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I saw a bunch of Tall Tails on the memes topic so I decided to make this topic. Have fun!

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Like this one:

Oh, I got one!

In 5th grade, I was in a club that me and my friends made called the ISRDC* (don’t ask me what it stood for) and we were planning an attack on Russia. We would send an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) to Russia and when it would explode it would toilet paper and egg every single house in Russia. So, the club got to work and we got a crap ton of eggs and toilet paper to load the missile. Unfortunately, my 5th grade teacher Ms.S was in the way of our plans. So, we sacrificed this girl in our class to weaken Ms. S so she wouldn’t interfere with our plans. Sadly, we never got the resources to finish building the rest of the ICBM :pensive:. Though, we did manage to make a secret headquarters with some cozy couches! If you’re wondering, the ISRDC disbanded in 2019-2020, so operations are no longer done.

P.S. This may be partially true

*Tbh, the name was really long so I can’t remember the full name. So, take the acronym with a grain of salt.

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(。_。)… (⊙ˍ⊙)

In WW2 they dropped propaganda leaflets over enemy cities; so this could’ve partially been true.

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Heres one!
In minecraft when I spawned in a world I decided to mine down to bedrock with my fists. I pointed my crosshair straight down and put a rock on the mouse to hold down left click. When I came back I somehow mined straight through the bedrock with my fists!
(No part of this story is even vaugly true)