Topic for Shellshockers 🥚

This is the topic for the game where eggs shoot each other!

Show off your stats and skins or upload cool clips you have.

I can start a game in about an hour
Here are my stats:

Edit: This link will be live for about an hour, Shell Shockers | Alt URL:

wow my brother plays and hes the best at it(I’m not very good but he could beat you in a 1v1)

his highest is an *89

uhm how is this possible?

hmm, what exactly do you mean?

80+ kill strk sounds like a hacker… no offense but that’s kinda out of this world

wait, What’s your KDR? mine’s 1.89

My 2 fav weapons are the semi-auto and shotgun

whipper better than shotgun upclose

my brother usually uses the crackshot, scrambler and rpegg

my brothers kdr is 3.75

I have the serpentine crackshot and I’m better in close range with crackshot…