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The Trials Crashes my browser


Can somebody help me? Whenever I try to play the level The Trails It loads really slowly and then when it’s fully loaded it crashes.

Can somebody help?


Try to disable your code first:

  1. Open another level. Switch your preferred language from Python to JavaScript (or other way around)

  2. Open the level that crashes. Now your code will be in the wrong language so the interpreter will not read it.

If this solves the problem, copy your code somewhere else and delete it from the level. Send us your code to determine what causes the crash

If this does not solve the problem, try opening the Chrome console:Menu > More Tools > developer tools
or switch to Mozilla Firefox

See if you can get an error message saying what goes wrong on the page.


Ok, thanks!!

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Neither of them worked. Any other suggestions?


I have that problem on older computers when I run out of memory. How much ram do you have?


How do I see how much RAM I have?


That depends on your operating system. In windows in is your computer properties.

I would recommend just googling it to find more info about how to it.


I’m not exactly sure but I know that I have only used 14.3% of my memory.


Check the following FAQ for a list of steps to take if the game crashes/ does not load.
Most of the steps were suggested here already, but it is better to go though them one by one:
FAQ: The game is not working!

Then report the bug on GitHub:
FAQ:Can you please fix this bug I found? - how to report it
GitHub/CodeCombat - website to report it

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