The Unused "Pet" Slot

There is slot that as far as I can tell has no apparent purpose and I would like to know what is going to be in that slot and what role it will play in Code Combat

Pretty sure they plan on implementing pets as “minions” that you can control.

Yeah–we have a raven, a cougar, and a frog all ready to go, art-wise, but we need to code up their behavior so that you can use them for interesting strategies.

The other as-yet-unused slot is the minion slot, which will let you build and directly command soldiers, archers, and other friendly units. That’s going to be introduced early in the mountain world, we think, which is coming soon as the desert world nears completion.


I can hardly wait to have my own raven!

Same here. Maybe like a robot or eagle

Hi @nick,
I had a quick look in the Level Editor and it looks like you’ve finished coding up the abilities of the “Pets”. Could you please tell me why you haven’t released them?


I haven’t coded up any of the pet abilities, actually.

Oh! I’m so sorry!