The Weather Channel 😁

guys btw check out this my friend he make some cool level give some feedback pls!

It’s been 11C (51F) for me alll day, though it’s quite warm in my classes.

Lets stay on-topic.


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that is the level I Made. check it out when you get the chance. BTW it is like 25 F here.

Ew. It’s 83F now so its ok; Not too cold.

where at, man i miss summer! :disappointed_relieved:

49 F (9 C) right now. Its very cold, or at least chilly.

The pictures Of My code and the level I made - CodeCombat Discourse

check it out when you can

i would take that any day over 25 F

Stay on topic. That is also considered advertising.

sorry did not know that.

can i post it on the PM group?

No, unless they ask I guess.

got it. sorry about that.

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It’s cold. It’s winter.

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brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. that is cold

That is exactly the weather I have today.

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You think that’s cold?!
-7 C rn.


70 degrees is cold man.


Wow. I couldn’t possibly bear -7! But I can bear over 100 F. Can you?