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There is a bug in here



It says I have to use sword of forgotten, but it is restricted.


What level is that? Can you tell me more?


It is village warder


I know this is off topic, but I beat shrapnel by doing nothing.:grin:


You need to use the long sword. That might be a bug. @Bryukh is this a bug?


there is nothing to scroll down or up with either!


You need to beat the level that unlocks the long sword first.


nevermind, i think it is my lag


I did (20 characters)


Scroll up and take a screenshot of your available non restricted inventory for me and post it here.


Its okay now, it was just lag


now i cant beat it (20)


Good luck on this level!


thanks (20 characters is so annoying)


Yes, it’s a known bug, when there are two requiredProperties (attack and cleave here).