Things I've found about Kith

Can someone explain anything about what’s going on in Kithguard dungeon?
It’s like the hero’s putting Kith back together. But for What?

coco secret 1
coco secret 2
coco secret 3
coco secret 4

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eh i think its just a feature ive actually found out how to enteract with him just beat him up in the final level of kithguard dungeon and boom he has a death animation so i think your supposed too save himsince he was the dungeon keeper but kocked out by ogres


Kith-guard dungeon. yeah, maybe he was the guard or keeper of the dungeon.

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What about the Kith-steel blade?
kithsteel blade

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You’re right, @cheddarcheese, Kith died. Also, He was 1/2 the hero because the goals were incomplete. “the hero must survive 1/2”
dead kith

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Kith was a guardian of Kithgard dungeons until the ogres came and took away his heart seed. :slight_smile: Your hero will retrieve the heart seed and bring peace to Kithgard dungeons once again.




Kithsteel is a special metal found in the deep mines of Kithgard. :slight_smile: Durable and has a mystical property to it.


Also cool. :slight_smile:


I love how you turn a question into a story it is great :grin:

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Here is some stuff about kith. I hope you find it intresting

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I was just browsing around and I found this topic and I shared it since I thought it might help

Guys how do u use kith

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