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Thumb Biter Level Help


Playing through in LUA (don’t know if that makes a difference or not), and can’t quite figure this out. The help says to move to the X, but my map isn’t showing an X anywhere.


@nick Looks like somebody copied the “Guide/Help” from a different level and never changed it.
The help for this level either shouldn’t exist or should talk about correct if syntax.

fiathni - you need to fix the “if” statements so they work and add your own “say” command to the last one so that you speak to the Ogre. once there are three working if-then-say type statements the ogre walks around to attack you, but steps on the mines and BOOM.


That makes a lot more sense! Thanks so much!


Thanks, I’ve removed the offending guide and marked that we need to write a new one.


:smiley: you guys are awesome! always so on top of things


I submitted possible guide text for “Thumb Biter” and “Gems or Death” as both are ‘if’ related levels. The one for “Gems or Death” might be too wordy?!?!? (maybe it is the other way around and “Thumb Biter” is too lean.)


Thanks @Vlevo, great docs! Want do do any more? :smile: