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[Thumb-Biter]: Stuck, no clear idea what to do


I the Thumb-Biter level you need to taunt the ogre. In the last statement you are supposed to say something which would provoke the ogre to attack you, I tried many different combinations of taunt words and swear words but nothing seems to work.

As there are no real hints given I am stuck and its quiet frustrating as apperently a specific string is required. I don’t assume that code combat uses sophisticated natural language process to identify what could be interpreted as insult, and I think a better hint of what the string has to contain to make the ogre move would be a less frustrating version of this level.

I tried the following:

  • self.say(“Attack me!”)
  • self.say(“I wear the skin of your mom as my armor!”)
  • self.say(“You little chicken!”)
  • self.say(“Give it to me!”)

Any help wold be appreciated


Is your if statement True ?

if 20 == 20:


Yes, I used

    if True:

The ogre also responds, but always with “No”


You must taunt him 4x. I tried:
and it works …


Thank you, that is correct, but then the text is misleading:

# Add one more taunt to lure the ogre. Be creative!
if 2 == 20:

It says add one more taunt, not two, so in my humble opinion its a bug, or a wrong description


Description is OK.
Your hero must say:
self.say(“Yes, you!”)
self.say(“Come at me!”)


or you can change it all to ( without if)


I think the idea is to play around with (all) the if statements to get used to the idea of a condition being true or false; so if 2 == 20: could be changed to if 20 == 20:


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