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ThunderHooves Flag Bug (Dynamic)

For some reason ThunderHooves (The Level) is not restricting any flag other than the basic one so it allows us to use flags on this level. Flags like the Dynamic one.

Here is my code:

// Move right, to the oasis.
// Build a "fence" above or below when you see a yak.

while(true) {
    var green = hero.findFlag("green");
    var black = hero.findFlag("black");
    if (green) {
        hero.buildXY("fence", green.pos.x,green.pos.y);
        if (black) {

The code still works if you time it right. I submitted the code and it worked. It gave me gems and everything. I redid the level the proper way and erased the Ctrl C of my old code just now by Ctrl C-ing an L.

                                            Please Fix This!

Hi, I’ve submitted a patch to fix this. The problem was in the restricted gear section of the settings of:

It will probably take a while to get accepted.
084 104 097 110 107 115 032 068 101 097 100 112 111 111 108 049 057 056 033

I wrote that in ASCII

It means “Thanks Deadpool198!”

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Hey @Monsty how are you. I have a question for you: What is ASCll

American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
It uses number to represent characters.
Thanks Athian.

cool danny so is it just numbers

and can it be used in code combat

You can look up the uses of it. One example is keyboards. Whenever you press a key the keyboard sends the ASCII code of the character in either Hex or binary (not sure which) via either a wire or bluetooth to the computer. Then the computer turns that into a character on the screen. Bit of Computer Science knowledge for you there.

It’s not used in levels, no.

ok bye(thanks for answering but i have to go)