Capture their flag bug

So I posted my code and an error happened.

It’s in javascript.

Which line has an error?

Lines 42 and 43.

Who is going to summon soldier?

this is hero.

Can you send your whole code please?

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@Coder3 You should change this to hero

No, if you use this the code actually runs faster.

I know that it is.

Then it’s basically telling everyone to copy my code and get 5th place.

Bruh, stop. It won’t work.

True…could you send it in a PM? I promise I won’t use it.

Really? I’m just gonna tell you 1 part.


Stupid school mode, I can’t even play any ladders.

I opened the link 5 times and didn’t work.

Go into inspector (if you can) and then use an adblocker to block the redirect, then it should work.

Does’t work. It will take forever to load.

And even if it doesn’t redirect, it’s very stupid.

You see, I can’t even play summoner rn, unless in anonymous mode.

your indenting looks rather weird on line 31 and 36
should’t it be

this.CommandSoldier = function(friend) {
    target = friend.findNearestEnemy()
        this.command(friend, "attack", target)

and it may also be because