[TIPS] How I Beat Kithgard Brawl Level 8 WITHOUT ANY WEAPON OR HAMMER

Since I believe that Kithgard Brawl level 8 is still pretty hard, I will put a few tips as to how I actually did it without a sword.

TIP #1: What Hero Should You Use?
There are many heroes that you can use to beat Kithgard Brawl, however, the one I stuck with was Okar Stompfoot (He also has insane health and high damage, but terrible speed), because of his abilities “Throw” and “Stomp”. Stomp was the best one as it could clear many enemies at once and did an AoE attack dealing mediocre damage. (The better thing about Stomp was the knockback). Throw was occasionally useful for clearing the ranged enemies, however it wasn’t that useful.

TIP #2: What Armor Should You Use?
I personally used an Enameled Dragonplate with a Viking Helmet, Defensive Boots and a Deflector, however, any shield with the bash secondary attack will work. The reason why I used a Viking Helmet instead of a Enameled Dragon one was because the Viking Helmet tripled the knockback from the bash attack, which was useful as it dealt damage and it also consequently sent the enemy flying, to stop it from attacking. A reason why I used a pair of boots that reduces speed was because I didn’t have to move at all, and I just had to use Stomp once in a while to clear off all the enemies

TIP #3: What Other Support Items Should You Use?
For me, I chose to use a Programmaticon V book, a pair of Twilight Glasses, a Polished Agate Sensestone (Didn’t use at all :grinning:), Basic Flags (Also didn’t use at all don’t blame me :grinning:) and a Boss Star III

TIP #4 What Other Items Are Useful?
I chose to use an Invisibility Ring to be invisible for a few seconds, and also a Kings Ring to provide the extra golden shield that will make you immune at the cost of gold (It is VERY useful, also why you will NEED to have at least Boss Star II to even be able to have a chance) Also, make sure to write hero.wait(3) or else the invisibility will have no effect, since you have attacked.

TIP #5: What Pet Should You Use?
I used a Blue Fox because it has the pet.shapeShift() function to act as a decoy.
You should also get your pet to fetch any potions that appear as those are useful to keep you alive

TIP #6: Extra Tips:
You should always use the hero.shield() function when all your abilities are on cooldown.
You should also use glasses with the hero.distanceTo() function so you can use the throw ability only if they are more than a certain distance and less than hero.throwRange.
You should also only use your Stomp ability when there are over a certain amount of enemies near you, by making sure the len(enemies) is larger than the minimum amount of enemies you want to stomp (personally I used 30).
Use your Invisibility ability as often as possible
Remember to use Gold Shield, but make sure that you do have enough gold to use it
You might find it useful to summon different troops, such as archers, griffin riders and soldiers, however, in my opinion it is best to save your gold to use the Gold Shield ability as it does consume a lot of gold.
You might also find it useful to use a sword, but in my opinion shielding is always better as it can block around 70 - 80% of damage depending on your shield.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


King’s ring makes so many good strategies viable, like spam shield.
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