Too Many Ogres in Kithgard Brawl!

I lost, but still. gotta be a billion ogres, I’m going to try my decoy, consentrate, invis, shield… I need to improvise…

So @Dragonlouis try to equip thornprick(if you have it) or tarnished copper band(gives you a certain amount of health)

The name is also Kingthard Brawl

look what happened to me
Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 9.11.41 AM

but that means losing order of paladin. I use it for healing. Actually heals even without draining. Also invis, which stops me from taking dmg for four secs.


yeah thats why i really like it

Also use Defensive boots for this level you don’t need speed

This is also a level help category @Falcons118

Good idea! only problem is no gems. actually, 600 gems.

No, I was just marveling at how many ogres. Although it sounds like level help. hm…

Defensive boots are 270 gems and they help you with a billion brawls

I am on Kithgard Brawl 9. I can’t survive even with Okar.

Wow, I don’t have Okar or Gordon So I am toast there

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lol, I got destroyed when I did it with my other heroes. Nalfar helped me come from #4 to #7. Okar got me to 9.

Ah, well, your strategy?

So you shield and you stomp

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I shield, stomp, build decoys, invisibility, earthskin, and my pet shape-shifts.

and I have 30 gems. Looks like I’m not buying anything soon.

For me I use illia so it is slam and shield bubble

decoy, invis, consentrate, shield.