[TIPS] How To Defeat Most Early Levels Without Taking Damage

This is how you can take literally 0 damage (totally real) in most early levels of Kithgard Dungeon and Backwoods Forest.

You just need 2 (or 3) items: The King’s Ring and Boss Star (the third item would be a shield with a good blocking percentage, as it reduces the amount of gold you consume). I recommend at least a Level 3 Boss Star as it gives 60 gold at the start of a level. That 60 gold will basically make you immune for 600 damage for the level, not to mention that you get gold every second playing the level.

Also this setup costs a few thousand gems so don’t be expecting to do it at the start to easily beat all the levels. Along with that, it also has a pretty high level requirement and requires you to be at the stage of being in Cloudrip Mountain or Kelvintaph Glacier. I just wanted to show this to you guys so you can use this strategy in PVP arena. (However a better strategy is to use the boss star to summon troops to help you)


well, the deflector costs pretty great… So you will need premium subscription to get 20000 gems or so.

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I didn’t specify that you would have to use the Deflector, it is just shown as an example shield which has high damage reduction. Any shield with the shield() function will work just as fine!

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I see.But actually you don’t need shield at all on early lvls

I specified that you don’t actually need a shield, and it is entirely optional. But this setup is meant to be for players that just want to be able to take a lot of damage without dying. (Helps a lot in replayable levels)

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ok, ok, that’s nice indeed

I mean personally I don’t see a reason for this but I guess if you were trying a no damage challenge you could use this.

Taking no damage is vital if you’re talking about surviving those brawls and such. :slight_smile:

Sadly it does come with a cost - you have to use gold to make you immune…

But in my opinion it’s super useful still to survive tough levels in the later areas (such as the mountains)

It really depends on strategy. Before, there was no way of consuming gold to protect yourself other than a human “meat-shield” by spawning soldiers, but that proved mostly ineffective.

Where in the world do you get kings ring???

You can purchase the King’s Ring for 3300 gems in the store.

I wish I was rich enough to get the ring…
I made this level help as well.

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