What defendship item should i get if i have about 1500 gems(shield,armor,helmet))

im doing the last stage of woodland forest.it very hard and i want to get more health. What defendship item should i get?lets say that i have 1500 gems

First use Painted steel bresplate , steel helmet, and cleaver sword, and the shield that you get from backwood forest so like if yyour health is low go to the wizard to heal and tip stay on the archer side they’re very usefull

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This is what I used. And I kept this armor through all of Sarven desert.

by about 190 hp i died in 1:52
i just cowardly run to health and dont attack enemy
but i always lost to the enemy shoot blue balls
or 1-2 orge

and becuase it random sometimes i die early

i win this when i have about 190 hp(warrior,no misc items except leather belt)

You ought to make a topic for this. It seems to me that it’s not the armor its your code.

No. I heard people said it need 300hp some said 500 and I still use the same code.It mabye because of the better strategy i used by placing flag

Yes. You want to use flags. And you want to use armor that will be good in the future, like the steel armor.

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yeah even if u past this in woodland forest u still need to fight scout in desert

You should just save up for dragonplate, its SUCH a big upgrade that the cost doesn’t even matter…

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Yes (20 characters…)

Did you pass it yet? :slight_smile:

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no.i struggle fighting scouts

You really ought to make a topic for it. Or a least repost in another one. And when you do, will you please notify me if it?

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when i repost another one no one will reply in there so i did one.
When i repost in another one i’ll notify you

Well, at least I will. It’s harder to keep track of things when you’re not notified about a post in a topic.

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Actually, the hints guide says that you should have 500+ HP to at least stand a chance of succeeding the level, unless you really have some sort of ingenious code:


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this is not true.i won with 190 armor.

Wait, so did you or didn’t you pass the level?