TNT cannons for minecraft

Hey, does anyone have any ideas for more TNT cannons in MC??
Like pigs or so…


You could make a villager one, or some mobs who has high health, like iron golem.
Why villager, well you see Jimmy, if you put a dispenser with gear next to the villager, and activate it, the villager will be equipped with that armor (even though you can’t see it)
Then you can work on a villager yeeter.
~ Orb


Ooh cool!!! 20000 chars


i honestly did not know about that!


This is a normal TNT cannon.
You could put an armour stand with elytra in front of the water so the armour stand flies. (=

elytras can only be used by the player, they have no affect on armor stands, villagers, hostiles, etc

also use flowing water, or else only the front two actually launch stuff, also you can dispense armor stands from the front one

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actually jeb noted that if a mob is wearing elytra and it jumps off a height then it will glide making fall damage (nearly)completely useless.

not villagers or armor stands, and you would need an armored zombie to survive

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