Kithgard brawl broken?

Is Kithgard Brawl broken ? Level 57 !? I mean, I’m guessing the amount of gems earnt from this level alone is more than enough to pay for a full Warrior stuff, and probably much more. That’s what I call broken. If you have time @nick or anyone in the top 5, I’d like specific adress on this particular “what the hell is going on ?” in Kithgard brawl. Warrior FTW !

No, these kinds of scores are hacked in.

They have been reported before on various levels, but well, I’m not sure how to word nothing is done about it, usually, lately, ?? (that’s not an indictment) It takes human intervention, since coding a min|max for every score on every level would require adjusting it every time a new hero, weapon, &| enemy type is introduced.

Did you notice the future #4… “in a few seconds”. There are some levels, with future times in the months and years. (now this one has a solution, use server time, instead of user time. Even has an issue #2619)

Yeah, I have it on my list to figure out the most likely routes that people are getting those scores by, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I also need to make an easy way to nuke scores, so that we can at least moderate them.

I do hope the players doing this are being banned.

I just figured out and blocked the most likely route for this, so now I need to start nuking scores.

I just want to point out that it is possible to playtest a level in the editor, and get the reward for beating it. For example, you could fill Cloudrip Brawl with Human-allied Beam Towers that kill all the ogres, and get the reward for beating it.

Yeah, that’s what I recently fixed: you can’t get the victory if you have edited the level. Might not be live yet, not sure.