Topic for debate

You can move any off topic debates here

bruh. are you serious. There was no need for this topic but ok

This topic is sort of irrelevant imo. People can always move to private messages if they need to debate on something, plus topics have to be based around a specific thing to discuss, this doesn’t really fit that in my honest opinion.

I know but I enjoy public debate and putting it in a pm makes people more likely to say things the shouldn’t

honestly i think its really stupid, not this debate topic but just…i dont think its cool to just activley say “ohhh i dont like gay people” in a topic made to talk about lgbtq as a discussion.

@Chaboi_3000 Can you close this?

like it aint that deep gang :neutral_face:

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bro you don’t gotta say that here :expressionless:
I told you before not to say that before :expressionless:
that is also off topic to this topic bc it’s about debates :expressionless:

wait but isnt what i said a debatable scentence,
plus i think i can do what i want??? like my actions my consequences gang

okay first of all

calling codingcrusador “stupid” is quite rude, and he had the right to as it IS apart of that topic. While he didn’t talk with them very politely, it was not “stupid” to state his opininion (he should’ve been more respectful about it)
second of all

no it was not you were just stating your opinion and many other people have already said it, meaning you did not have to repeat it. And he created this topic to move other debates onto here (edit: I may be wrong about that)
third of all

You can not do what you want. We have forum rules that you should’ve read (And I had reasons when I said don’t post that) and those “consequences” could result in your banishment from this discourse.

i think the IDEA of a debate topic is STUPID, i am not saying crusader is Stupid…

what i said is an opinion, and opinions can be debatable, thats the whole point of debates, to argue over opinions.

i am not breaking any ccd rules for going in a topic that is open for me to discuss in.


and this idea is HIS which is essentially calling him stupid

that’s indirect, i think he has a good reason for him to put this here, but i think it is unnecessary to have it.
im sorry if it came out crude saying stupid, i just dont think its necessary.

why do we have three people saying the same thing
is that really necessary :sob:

idk??? mayb cuz it iz…,
well i guess it is irrelevant we can just debate in topics related to it ig.

Why is debate stupid? debate is important for our world staying peaceful

i meant is as an topic, i’m pretty sure its common to debate in topics its appropriately debated in? like debating about religion in the religion topic…

The name for the topic is wrong. It should be called topic for arguing, since crusader does not debate, he argues.

Hey he tries his best not to
How many times must I tell you people to quit being rude?


yo, i cant find the topic for pride. did it get shut down? same for the topic for religion

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