Favorite place ever been to!

I been around where I live a bunch and there are lots of fun things to do so what are your favorite things to do or places to go?

I loved vacationing in Washington DC and Missouri near the Arch.

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Boston’s public garden is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and relaxing places you can visit.

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Okinawa WAS THE BEST ONE FOR ME second best is Hunan in china (I think thats the place names)

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Yep. I have been notified :grin:

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but don’t just ping random people or the get maaaad

True I’d be mad (am sorry for using that language before)

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Yeah. But let’s get back on topic. My personal favorite was when I went to Israel! I’ve only been there once, but I’m hopefully going again within a week! It will be for the year hopefully!


Great tbh since I read the Bible now I sorta wanna go there?

My dad went there at the end of his college. He was in some biblical course (idk what it was called) but they took a trip to Israel. He’d love to go back.

i sorta WISH TO GO THERe lol

You started reading the Bible! Thats great!

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i love it the storys are great

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And the best part is there all true