Topic for Doki Doki

Just monika ig? lol

Talk about DDLC, DDLC+ and any (SFW) mods for the game!

I started some fanart despite never having played it. I might post it.

I’m still confused on how Sayori got all the power near the end of the game

The memes are good, but I can’t post any.

To me, Monika is my fav as while she always gets in the way of you getting to the other characters, she has the best and saddest ending in the game and I personally feel sorry for her, especially when Sayori just takes over afterwards and everyone forgets she ever existed. :sob:

I actually went and watched a playthrough, and my opinions on Monika and Natsuki have changed.(Natsuki is a jerk and Monika is really trying her best.) Also bump(topic revival)

I feel sad for Monika considering what Sayori says and does afterwards.

I like Sayori. She’s really nice and kinda cute.