Pokemon fans but no haters

You can talk here but no hateing

@Chaboi_3000 can you please close this one as well? :roll_eyes:

leave me alone you are annoying!

I wish you are not here at all

leave me alone you are sooo annoying!!!

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if you wont leave me alone

And you are soo annoying

If you wont stop joining my chat room I will tell someone to block you from my chat room

actually, if you want to make a chat room you could make a pm with whoever you think is interesting PMs are private and any one who was not invited will not get pinged if you message there

what do you mean???

so if you click on someone’s profile picture there is an option where you can start a private chat with whoever you think is interested in the topic only the people who were invited can see the messages others who were not invited will not even know about its existence but you can add as many people as you want even after you make the pm but anyone can leave if they want to

and also this topic(other wise known as a chat room) is public so anyone can see it

I’m just depressed that why I’m mad cause of Vanessa

just get over it you can make a pm and the problem is solved

Oh Okay Thanks a lot

Im sorry it wont do it again

its fine as long as you learn from your mistakes

alright, can someone please close this topic now? it is no longer of use

I don’t know how to delete this topic

Chaboi, or another leader will close this.