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Catalan, Spanish, Yiddish, Hawaiian, Japanese, and a bit of Norwegian there are other courses im learning but I don’t use them.


I just made it to the amethyst league and it’s hard :sob:

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I worked so hard to get top 3 lol


@NalfarCryptor I am now learning french!! (it says 15 xp because I just started lol)
Screenshot 2024-01-03 10.43.16 AM

French is only in Quebec right?

it is one of the to official languages of Canada according to google LOL

thats cool!!!

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nope, wrong

Yeah, it’s just 2 languages I thought there was 3 lol

Happy b-day!!! @NalfarCryptor :birthday:

oh thanks lol

Which duolingo push should I get?

encouraging or none

disappointed dou that seems like a good idea

  • disappointed duo
  • passive aggressive duo
  • encouraging duo
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Disappointed duo it is

but its gonna cost a fortune

Passive aggressive :]


I know I have money lol

It’s gonna cost a fortune in April fools bucks