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I’m working on french translation of the game, and I was able to find standards about translating, so I’d like to change my original post to set here what standards I’m working with, as I’m working from the way up from a new player experience. The first post will be the standards I’m following, and what I’m correcting from previous translations to make the game more coherent. Nothing is set in stone. Very open to discussion and improvements.

  1. I’m using “Tu” and not “Vous” anytime I’m adressing the player. The average age player is clearly around 15, and that’s a game. Also, the tone used in Video tutorials makes it clear you = tu.

  2. Player refered to a male. I’m not adding (e), but I think we should ; in order to make the game more open to girls (90% guys should be more balanced, but that’s another discussion). Ex : “Tu as été tué” ; not "Tu as été tué(e).

  3. Keywords are translated with their english counterpart between parentheses. Ex : Using loops is useful. -> Utiliser des boucles (loops) est utile.

  4. Names are translated if possible. Ex : Bloodhoof -> Sabots-de-Sang ; SpellBane -> Fléau-des-Sorts ; Kithmaze -> Labykith etc. See this for specific discussion.

  5. Infinitive form for goals description. Ex : bad “Traverse le labyrinthe” ; good “Traverser le labyrinthe”.

  6. Edit after finding information about it : I use French standards in punctuation : I’m adding a SPACE before an exclamation mark and a question mark, whereas in english there is never a space before a text and a punctuation. Ex : “Tu as gagné !”, where english sentence to translate was : “You won!”.

  7. Standard sentences that I’m copy pasting to make sure there are no shaky translations or slight modifications from one level to another. I think standard spacing / capitalization / periods / Slashes etc are important to be reproduced coherently throughout the game :

    Ton héros doit survivre.

    Les humains doivent survivre.

    Code propre : pas d’erreur de code ou d’avertissement.

    Si tu es bloqué, consulte l’Aide pour des conseils.

    [Level Name] / Code court

    [Level Name] / Code propre

    [Level Name] terminé

    Terminé en moins de X lignes de code.

    Bonus : moins de 4 lignes.

    Vue d’ensemble

    Tu as gagné pour cette fois, mais recommence - Cela deviendra plus difficile à chaque fois.

    Maman disait toujours : économise tes gemmes pour une meilleure armure.

    Les Ogres doivent mourir.

    N’efface pas le code fourni ! Recharge le code initial.


Kithgard Dungeon.
Edit : DONE

Also, it has been reported already in the victory board : some items aren’t translated, even though they appear translated in the inventory.


I’ve finished the 5 first levels, with every single tips in the Guide so far. They were the “Overview” I was wondering about for the last few days. Good to know I can translate Guides in the blank Overview inputbox.

However, the Enemy Mine level (Kithgard world, one of the first paid levels) doesn’t have any input box to translate the guide. Just reporting it there. I let this on my to-do-list, I’ll come back to it later, I guess someone will make it possible to translate it in a Overview box.

Same for Illusory Interruption

Every levels until Banefire have been double checked and fully translated into french so far. Only the two exeption above remains. Keeping up tomorrow.


Overview body

  1. I agree, except for some page like, or when it’s directed to parents.

  2. I don’t know, maybe. I hope this will not make sentence too longer and going out of frame.

  3. Very nice idea !

  4. I agree

  5. I don’t like the infinitive form here, but like you want.

  6. I agree.


Some items aren’t translated, even though they appear translated in the inventory.



I’ve activated the i18n for the guide in those two levels now. I think we have GitHub issues for both of those places where the item names aren’t translated, though not sure when I can get to them.


Old thread, but thanks a lot for the guidelines! I’m going back over what was done previously, correcting poor translations (“Embroidered Griffin Wool Hat” should be “Chapeau en laine de griffon brodé”, not “Chapeau en laine avec Griffon brodé”) and using a more international French (Ramollo doesn’t mean anything outside France or Europe).