Topic for HTML changing and more new heros, and other interesting things regarding Codecombat

Well the Doritos topic is gone but this topic is here, so share fun HTML changes, new heros, and other things like potential items, or things that Codecombat should add!!

I have a bunch of views and no post, anyone @NalfarCryptor , @TheCodingCrusader22, @Watamelon, @iggymaster99 pls help my topic!


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I have no idea how to html change so I can’t really help this topic @ChickenMaster. :disappointed_relieved:

right click any here on a website and select the inspect tool from the menu that pops up

Ok. Then what do I do? Fiddle with the elements?

Ahhhh. I got it now. Thanks. Now I can prank my friends sooooo bad. XD. I can’t post the edits yet bc this computer cant take ss’s. RIP

New roblox website looks similar to codecombat’s homepage

Nice job! burn20chars

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In true @ChickenMaster style, I will hold a contest for the most complex, and funniest HTML change.

Did you just ping yourself?

In true @ChickenMaster style!

HTML Edits:






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Alright we have our first submission!!!

Make one to show what comes up when you search in the GCC. :pleading_face:

@iggymaster99 I added the search results

If I could I would drop 100 hearts and laughing faces on that thing. Dying of laughter over here. *gasp gasp. * blurg :skull:

Edited above post - Put images in drop-down menus and added DuoCombat

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