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Hi guys. My name is Mono! I know I made this topic but if anyone has tips, tricks, or suggestions about Little Nightmares, you can put them here!
I’m only so far into the game and people might want to know what they’re going to go through! You can give other people heads up about a certain part of the game or help someone pass part of the game.
This Topic is Mainly for Little Nightmares so if you have something to say that might take more than ten messages please PM someone if needed.(It’s fine IF it’s about Little Nightmares.)
Topic rules:
1. No being mean
2. Only talk about Little Nightmares
3. Don’t be inappropriate
4. and have fun

Thank you! :grin:

uh there’s no reason to put up any topic rules since the CodeCombat tos has you covered


Yes, but I don’t think mono would know that. But we should always play by those rules anywhere. I dont play little nightmares.

little nightmares? is that where the character six is?

possibly but i am giving a heads up. you got to help the community the best you can!

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yes @Aslaya six is main antagonist you play as her.

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ok good i was right…

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Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platform horror adventure game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. –Google
Initial release date: April 28, 2017
Designer: Dennis Talajic
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Series: Little Nightmares
Developers: Tarsier Studios, Engine Software
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia



How is Six the main antagonist? I thought she was Mono’s guide or something-

Also why are they so small…

Hold up- I thought you played as Mono…

Why does Mono have this staff thing-

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nope Six comes up first then Mono. I think Mono is the guide for Six.
They are so small be cause that is the theme same way jailer is blind has short legs longs arms and can smell you very well. (if you hide near a child that is supposed to be there your safe as long as he don’t feel you.) You got to crouch-walk when your around him too he got good senses beside his eyes.
The staff in my Pfp? I really don’t know if that goes with him but I’m going to say it doesn’t.
did I answer all your questions @Vanessa?

One more question tho (probably not) so in Little Nightmares 1 you play as Six? Then in Little Nightmares 2 you play as Mono?

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seems like no to be very honest i have not played the second game so maybe and maybe not.

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Alright no questions…

(For now)

Does anyone have a question of a specific character? Mine is that I want to learn more about the jailer.
What I know about him: He’s blind, He has a good sense of smell, Has a good sense of hearing, has short legs but long arms.
What I’m confused about: What is his backstory? How did he become the jailer? Why?

I know i’m reviving this topic but I know someone who might spark something

The janitor’s backstory is still currently unknown, a possible theory is that he was an actual janitor at the maw before it became the present day maw, his bodily form suggests he was a shorter male figure, warped by the signal tower’s broadcast tv show, stretching his arms, and making him so addicted he possibly watched until his eyes stopped functioning, and like the other monsters in the series, got a different sense of direction and situational awareness.

Yes, in ln you play as the character Sasha six, in the prequel Ln2, you play as Mono.


Here is a basic Character Rundown:

1.Mono: This boy is around the age of 10, and is the main antagonist of Little Nightmares II, he has television powers which allow teleportation and warping through tv’s. He turns into Thin Man.

2.Six: Sasha Six is around ages 8-9, and is the main antagonist of Little Nightmares, she absorbs the powers of The Lady by eating through her neck, the cannibalism is caused by her soul being taken from her body, she dropped Mono off a ledge in the Signal Tower, causing him to become Thin Man, and Six becomes The Lady in a never ending Time Loop.

  1. Runaway Kid: Main antagonist of the DLC: Secrets of the Maw, and is about 10, he is turned into a Gnome by The Lady, and is eaten alive by Six.

  2. Girl in the Yellow Raincoat: She is around 9-10, and is the main antagonist of Very Little Nightmares, she is trapped in the nest with a very young six, she was around 7 at the time, and is killed in the water by The Pretender after falling off a ledge.

  3. Thin Man: Is currently somewhere between 36-42 years of age, and is Mono’s future self, he is trying to stop Mono from working with Six to prevent the time loop, but fails and is killed by Mono.

  4. The Lady: Is currently somewhere between 35-41 years of age, and is Six’s future self, she tries to stop the time loop as well, but fails and dies from Six eating her.

  5. The Hunter: The Hunter appears as the first Enemy in Little Nightmares II, and is a man who lost his whole family to corruption of the Signal Tower. He is killed by Mono and Six.

  6. The Teacher: Not much is known about The Teacher, other than the speculation that she is a key figure in both games, most likely mentoring the janitor and the doctor. Her neck is warped and twisted by the SIgnal Tower, making it able to stretch an infinite length.

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oh my… :flushed:


What is it? Too many words?