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That word (Meaning “opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England”… Don’t ask me… idk.) is 28 chars.

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The rest of it was simply to ensure that the post exceeded the usual minimum of 20 characters placed on such forms of media. The first part was a statement speculating on road traffic and motor vehicles such as cars (essentially large metal boxes with wheels that roll across paved surfaces called “roads”). The latter half of the comment was to further elaborate on the point that the segment was intended to bypass the “20 character requirement”, by appending a reference to a word containing more than the aforementioned twenty characters which, in this case, was ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’. As user Yisrael_Hefter noted, the word means “opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England”. However, the definition was not relevant to the point I was trying to make in my response, hence the initial lack of any explanation.

If the above announcement was too wordy to read hastily, I have helpfully provided a shortened summary within this drop-down menu.

just random words so that the reply was more than 20 chars

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I just added that in case someone was wondering.


Proof that video game music is real music:

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this playlist is for u if your silly!!! this has earthbound music methinks…

morning everybody

this is probably my favorite song, don’t mind the slight vulgar topics Pusha T talks about if you do listen to it

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Lol I was scrolling through this topic and just found that. If you practice a little bit and try to sing a bit louder the song would improve a lot. Nice job!

Thanks for the advice :))

Search up Kevin Macleod and NoCopyrightSounds on Youtube.

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the song: :fire:
the title: :skull:


My flat composer page!
Hayo!!! i forgot to say i’ve made a Flat annotation account and composed some songs, check it out!!! i’d appreciate it :slight_smile:


ok thus was from 2 YEARS AGO but hear me out…

And if you ask me, you know that it’s true
There is not a thing that I wouldn’t do
I’d follow you to the ends of the earth
That’s how much I think our friendship is worth
Maybe now you have figured it out
That’s what being a friend is about
When there’s something that you just don’t understand
Won’t you think about me?
I’ll be more than glad to lend a helping hand
Don’t you ever doubt me!
I’ll be there someway, somehow
That’s what being friends is about!
I’ll be there someway, somehow
That’s what being friends is about!
(Bein Friends, Catherine Warwick from the MOTHER ost)

I like this type of music:

i found the lyrics really creative in this song. His other songs are also really good

this song is popular, but it kinda reminds me of a certain something so thats why i like it so much,

guys, im back insane anyways I like murder on the dancefloor now

why did you leave did you get busy?

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