Topic for Nitro Math

Welcome to the Nitro Math topic!
It’s like Nitro Type, but with MATHS

Here’s a link to my profile: ricerunner02's Nitro Racer Profile

Have fun everyone!

It’s really fun! How about we start a team?

just a note i want to make for people who don’t know nitro math is in beta and can only be used by nitro gold users and nitro gold cost ten dollors per year

No it doesn’t, the beta is public now
I’ve been playing it and I don’t have Gold

Let me get 50 races then I’ll make one :smile:

oh i have not played for a loooooong time

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For some reason NitroMath won’t load for me (“unexpected error has occurred”) but Nitro Type works just fine.

Can anyone play in an hour?