Topic for Yu-Gi-Oh

Does anyone play Yu-Gi-Oh? I have at least five hundred cards…

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Nope, what is the game, or whatever it is?

Yeah it’s a card game


after search at google it a japanese card game huh?

I play it (arc v verson tho)

Do you play it online?

I love both the card game and the original show.

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Welcome back deadly rice!

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Thank you, kind birb

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Speaking of the show, who’s your fav character?
Mine has to be Joey since he’s kinda dumb but funny and still really good at the game

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Definitely not that idiotic weevil kid. (Chucks exodia into ocean). Probably Yugi. I prefer the Yu-Gi-Oh gx

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:laughing: yeah, imagine how easy it would have been for him in literally every fight
edit: also his laugh annoys me greatly

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You spelt birb correctly. Very smert

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I do be having a very big brain

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anyway back to Yu-Gi-Oh…

I kinda feel like tristan is worthless to the show, like he doesn’t really do much other than motivate Yugi mid-battle

We call him a cheer leader

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my favorite has to be evil bakura

He’s honestly a pretty “good” character :wink:
As in, he actually plays a kinda big part of the story and doesn’t drag things out. He almost makes a story within a story.
Edit: Yeah! Alright! Sonic Discussion!

New topic for very speedy boi

my most favorite card has to be dark luster ritual

I love it whenever Yugi uses that card!
Mine has to be either Dark Magician or Red Eyes Black Dragon