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Topic for testing new levels

I used summon charm and a warrior .

Might wanna try the levels listed here :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Chaboi_3000 I will check them out. :>

I would appreciate if anyone who wants to could take a look at my new level:

It’s a LOTR themed battle. You have to get the peasants (representing Frodo and sam) to the red x to destroy the one ring. Note: your hero has to be a warrior, so make sure you go back to the menu to change your hero because you could automatically load with a wizard/ranger if you’re a sub. Also, your hero does not necessarily have to survive (there are bigger forces at play here :grin:) but the peasants will only follow the last command you make before you die, so it’s possible to win after death, but unlikely.
I hope you enjoy it, and I’d like to hear any feedback you have.


Okay @Deadpool198 I will check this out.

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same here(20 charrr)

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Nice, lord of the rings, where’s bilbo?

great level @Deadpool198, I love it


Never mind I figured it out I just need to distract the enemy army while I command the peasants to the x’s nice work @Deadpool198 It does kind of lag a lot though because it is running so many frames and that lagging sometimes causes glitches but otherwise I think it is a great game. :>

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Wasn’t too hard nothing that a fence and a decoy can’t do

did it in 17 seconds

That is literally what I meant.