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Topic for Wakfu 😁

Huh that may be future yugo. Idk

He’s gonna look like that in season 4 probably.

So we’re just gonna timelaspe 10 years xD

he’s 22 in season 3. I bet it’s more than 10 years later for him to grow that much. Being an Eliatrope, he grows at a greatly reduced rate.

I only recently realized that Oropo’s species(Yugo’s clones) are called Eliotropes. I thought that they were the Eliatropes for a long time and the perceived plot twist annoyed me. the voice actor for Oropo pronounces Eliatrope and Eliotrope very similarly.

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In season 3, despite being evil, Adamai just looks so awesome. His fighting style is so apathetic, as if he doesn’t care, yet is so powerful he still wins easily.


Can I just say he got eaten in season 1 :smirk:

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you just had to bring that up. he’s definitely less cool in the earlier seasons, though

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Is Wakfu good to watch


(Complete sentence :weary:)

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Wait… if they time skipped wakfu a bunch of years… D-does that mean…

Ruel is dead?!?!? :scream:

he’s a demigod, right? the wiki says so. demigods have greatly extended lifespans. also, ruel’s grandma is still alive, so he probably has a bit longer, as long as one of their adventures don’t give him a heart attack.

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Ohhh yeah he like 200 throughout the series