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Topic for Wakfu 😁

I recently learned that I’m not the only one here who knows what Wakfu is, so I thought we could have a place to talk about it. :smiley:

What is Wakfu though @qwerty? Also happy birthday @_Codemaster! :cake: :partying_face:


it is a french anime


still waiting for season 4.

lol same. ive been waiting forever

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I didnt know they made a trailer for it, so i just watched it recently

I saw it a few months back, but definitely not when it was new.

I didnt realize it was that old lol

Happy birthday! Hope you eat some quality cake!

I’ve never watched anime, so I haven’t heard of this :confused:.

never knew it was anime until now-

i never knew it was french

here’s the main character in season 4 trailer:
Yugo | Wakfu Wiki | Fandom
edit: it isn’t working. oh, well.

happy birbday!

well… yugo is the main character in the whole series right…?

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I was trying to post the one from the season 4 trailer.

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happy b-day

I’m not gonna let this topic die. here’s a drawing of Yugo season 4:

(yes, I managed to draw this. I’m surprised it came out this well.)

yugo looks way too tall in that image xD

or is that future yugo?

this is apparently what he looks like in the trailer. My reference image is from the wakfu wiki.