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为啥“安息之云山峰”里边有些有翻译有些没有(大部分)呢? (Questions about missing translations)




这些级别尚未翻译。你可以提供这样做。 :grinning:


But how? I also want to contribute something to CodeCombat. I really love it


Use the main contact button in the game. Explain that you speak chinese and english and noticed that there are levels not yet fully translated and that you would like to help out with that. I’m sure that @Maka can steer you in the right direction on how to be a translator. Thank you for volunteering to help out.


Hi @Hammer!

We are still a small company so almost all of our translations have been made by volunteers.

We’d love your help!

If you would like to help translate levels, achievements, and other in game elements, you can do that by logging in and going to:

If you’d like to help with the non-game portions of the web site, that’s handled through GitHub.

All the language files are located in Find the one that you want to contribute to and submit an update.

Chinese (Traditional) is
Chinese (Simplified) is

Thank you again for offering to help!

For anyone else looking to help, find your language from the list of languages on our translation page and/or the Github local pages - if your language is missing, let me know (email and I’ll try to add that language for you.

Thanks for pointing this thread out to me, @MunkeyShynes.


Well…But I’m still confused about “Chinese (Simplified) is”.
It looks like um…a dictionary? So…What I should do is to add something to it? Or…anyway, I don’t understand


Besides, are those the achievements that need to be translated?


The *.coffee fiels located in the app/locale directory are dictionaries of a sort. There are all collections of sentences or words that need to be translated. Here are the first few lines on the English file (

module.exports = nativeDescription: "English", englishDescription: "English", translation:
    slogan: "The most engaging game for learning programming."
    classroom_edition: "Classroom Edition:"
    learn_to_code: "Learn to code:"
    play_now: "Play Now"

In the Chinese (Simplified) file ( those lines are translated into Chinese:

6 lines (2427 sloc)  131 KB
module.exports = nativeDescription: "简体中文", englishDescription: "Chinese (Simplified)", translation:
    slogan: "最引人入胜的编程游戏。"
    classroom_edition: "教育版:"
    learn_to_code: "学习编程:"
    play_now: "开始游戏"

When I add a new language to CodeCombat, I copy the file and name the new file correctly according to international standards (ISO 639 specifically) and then translators modify that file, changing lines as needed.

“Learn to code” becomes “学习编程:”

When helping add translations, you only need to modify the part of the line that is in quotes after the semi-colon (:).

The content on is all the parts that are in the game. This includes victory messages, achievements, level names, unit names (like ‘archer’ and ‘soldier’), etc. Everything there needs to be translated – if it’s already been translated, we don’t show it there.

Hope that covers your questions.


OK, now I’ve learnt more about it, thanks!
But, I’ve found THREE files about the original ENGLISH edition, which are “”, “” and"". So which edition should I choose as the “mould”?:grinning:
It seems that I need to change the sentences of explanation such as line 809:# blink_description: “Ritic disappears and reappears in a blink of an eye, leaving nothing but a shadow.” into Chinese. Is that right?
Finally… What is a GitHub account? Is it the one I’m using in THIS forum…?:sob:

#10 is the template.
en-GB is the file for Great Britain English and en-US is for United States English.

Colour vs color. :slight_smile: