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Try my tower defense game :D

BTD6 (JK, it’s not btd6, it’s my game, xD)


It’s a game dev level, so you use stuff like clicks for control.


By the way, I just updated it (I found a glitch) so if you noticed the glitch before, it’s fixed now. :grin:

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the game is wonderfully made and i loved it i suggest that you move up the difficulty and start making levels with level editor



I don’t like CoffeeScript though. (Is there another language I can use???)

I really liked the game, it is quite balanced and entertaining, though I got stuck on Wave 8 because it became very laggy. But it’s an amazing game XD

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This game was terrific, although it lagged out at level 7 for me.

How were you able to define extra inputs (different letters, etc?) I thought there was only the mouse and WASD direction keys. Would you show me, please? :slight_smile: :partying_face:

the game was great although it just stopped at level 10

Nice. :clap:don’t click this

I would try it but on mobile atm

You can use JS to build levels now. :slight_smile:

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