Try my tower defense game :D

BTD6 (JK, it’s not btd6, it’s my game, xD)


It’s a game dev level, so you use stuff like clicks for control.


By the way, I just updated it (I found a glitch) so if you noticed the glitch before, it’s fixed now. :grin:

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the game is wonderfully made and i loved it i suggest that you move up the difficulty and start making levels with level editor



I don’t like CoffeeScript though. (Is there another language I can use???)

I really liked the game, it is quite balanced and entertaining, though I got stuck on Wave 8 because it became very laggy. But it’s an amazing game XD

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This game was terrific, although it lagged out at level 7 for me.

How were you able to define extra inputs (different letters, etc?) I thought there was only the mouse and WASD direction keys. Would you show me, please? :slight_smile: :partying_face:

the game was great although it just stopped at level 10

Nice. :clap:don’t click this

I would try it but on mobile atm

You can use JS to build levels now. :slight_smile:


Beat the game with a few archers btw how do you check if a player is pressing a certain key?
I’m trying to make a player do a skill (like okar doing stomp) when a key is pressed.

Nice game overall. :grin::grin::heart::heart:

its good but its super laggy

actually not very laggy if you choose the right units.

It is an pretty good setup and very simple towers, maybe try to fix the lag and add some new towers!
Its impressive ngl.

I clicked it. OOF

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game.on('keydown', function (event) {
    if (event.keyChar === key) doStuff();


def stuff(event):
    if (event.keyChar is key) doStuff();
game.on('keydown', stuff);


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Yep, that’s intended, I have easily customizable wave settings though, would you like the code? (It’s in JavaScript though) You could add some new waves. (Also, having fewer waves is mostly because of the restrictions of CoCo such as the 1000 spawns)

Just in case you want the source code, here it is (because I might not be able to use the forums)