Try to beat me in versus

if only you put desert dispute on there :pensive:

i legit suck at desert dispute, i was first for like 2 days then i was last

I’m new here how does this work

welcome, i have no clue either

Ok thanks

Hello and welcome to the discourse a collection of tweens and teens who like doing stupid things


thats a nice description

i might suck at desert dispute but CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript | CodeCombat

Fairly accurate.


Hi @The_weird_person welcome to the discourse! Check this link out for details on how this works.


so i want to see what a dueling grounds would look like if lvl 66 items were legal so:

Ok @riticmaster908 I tried to use the link but it gave me this

how do i publish it :skull:
its done:

Where can u use the lvl 66 items?

in the battle. use any lvl 66’s you want (if you have them)

i think he just made it so we wouldn’t get banned for using level 66 items in the normal arena

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heres my lvl 66 item use code:

It gives me this

are u logged in??? if not, then try that

Is this just text? if so, could you pm me it?
edit: i dont know if im logged in.