Battle me on dueling grounds!

My Senick is becoming a killing-machine in dueling grounds, and that is exactly the reason I created this topic (For flexing lol). See if you can beat me! The battle link is below, good luck!

I beat everyone on the leaderboard with my Senick. and here are some screenshots on my victories (No offense, just to flex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

See y’all on the ladders!

Quite sure I can beat you, we’ll see though

Mk, nope, can’t, I survived 10 seconds OwO

Hey, you almost copied my strategy lol.
Btw, battle my brother: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

How does Senick have wizard spells?? -_-

What? I guess it’s the visual bug when you see the same hero when you spectate.

I guess, because the health kinda looks like Nalfar’s

Yes, he uses Nalfar.

Me : Not on leader board.

Me : Somehow still beat’s u

I think there is a bug with the time travel ability that makes the hero have special properties or smth. Or is it just that u forgot to add a if loop.

P.S : The health is cursed don’t look at it. Not my fault


You do realize, that for sumDecoys() you could just do hero.findByType('decoy', hero.findFriends()).length, right?

These are some really nice pieces of code! I doubt I would be able to beat any of them.


Nope I don’t, first time knowing it, thx

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I saw your code for omarn and saw turnarounds code too. I imagined if I put these two codes together and might as well add Jesus is my king’s code too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Changed my code, it is a little better than before.

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I restarted the game for a speedrun. The link nolonger works, sorry for inconvience.

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I’m seeing if I could complete the mountain in 3 days. I will submit once I complete.

@moonwatcher348 @PeterPalov @QinWentian

Here is new link, this is my other account called “Watachinao”

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I need the ogres link, my humans equipment is glitched

It is at above, just click it

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