Dueling grounds battle me and strats

My senick is becoming better and better in dueling grounds, battle me!

And i am going to share my strats
So basicly:
if you use warrior, just use the abilities you can use. if you use okar, dont hurl person, if you hurl rangers, you be dead.
if y use ranger, just use Senick. Or ritic. So what you do if you’re senick, just use Vector to let the paladin(boos star 4 is needed ) stay infront of you, if you are using ritic, just use Vector to let the paladin(boos star 4 is needed ) stay infront of you too, but use Shiver if you can, just kill the enemy hero in seconds if it is possible
if you use wizards just use Nalfar, sacrificing you friends, kill the enemy hero, don’t do anything, just kill the enemy hero as fast as you can.

Can you not assume everyone has heroes you need to buy with gems? I only have Zana :] Also, link pls? (for battling as ogres, since my human equipment is bad because I can no longer equip hushbaum without premium)


The real test would be if you could beat Nick, Deadpool, Peter and Chaboi.

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I beat peter, too many infinity loops for nick, deadpool, where is chaboi

Here is the link:

Can I please have one for ogres? This is for humans. (also, can you open it on the normal site please? I can’t open direct.codecombat.com)

Chaboi is difficult to beat

Where is he
20 chars are bad

DaBeast45 is Chaboi. darn 20 chars


Where is he in the the ladder

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Not sure. Scroll around for him or try and simulate a game from him and then battle his code

I need the link! pls

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Hey, @ZAX155
wanna me to defeat chaboi?

Good Job! Next would be Nick no matter how many infinite loops there are

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I can’t get in to it then

Click on the box that says, Load anyway or comment out code.

it didn’t show the box

What a mess

i changd my blue code
I am using jason(#1)'s strat
i am jason lin5
not jasonelif

Battle me and let’s see the result >:D