Multiplayer Arenas Topic

For those who want to chat about multiplayer and send duel invites, here’s the best place to do it!

@NalfarCryptor heres my harrowland game if you want to battle

alright 932023954vq8fvcam,cwremc,fw9mr8wfc icwnm,hfwff chars

oh wow, thats hard beat

how do you share the link?

see screenshot, you just copy and paste the link

oh lol try and beat my code
Dueling Grounds - CodeCombat | CodeCombat

I just found out a cool thing, Usara summons baby yetis, but if you cast grow first, then summon the yetis, after the period, they will turn into full-sized normal yetis, which are much stronger (because after growth the unit is forced to go back its original health)

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okay (20 characters)

woah (20 characters)

i dont have usara 20 chars

A yeti can destroy 2 burls while still having 15 health left. By the way, did you somehow hacked my hero? :thinking:

no+ i sent the wrong code :rofl:

i meant my ogres code

Then you will have to battle yourself, then send me the link

Dueling Grounds - CodeCombat | CodeCombat

theres the link hehehehe

nvm I think it’s 75 hp left

wait a second what level is that?

i need a test level!?