Try to beat me in versus

Ritic is just superior.

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New ritic code

…, just because watamelon simps, you shouldn’t care about it so much, just let them be, let them go on with their life, and even so, technically you are off-topic.

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Ok… (But still think it’s creepy

(no cheats i swear)

so many people online lol

@porter119 watch how i dodge all your bullets with my op code :smiling_imp:

did bro copy nick’s dodge code

I wrote it myself, it was in strat discussion

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I subscribed to you(20chars)

Lol you don’t have to its just a video

What ur content about

Why not subscribe?

i dont have content, might post some codecombat content,
i alr have 20k subs on another platform and i dont have thoughts on doing yt

But didnt make a couple of videos about

Also congrats what was ur content their


Cool. I only have like 2 subs on YouTube (but I also only have one vid so it makes sense)

But we should get back on topic