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Trying to complete Kithguard dungeon


What level are you working on?

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Hi. (This 20 character rule is so frustrating sometimes!)


Hey, could you tell me what coding languages you know?


That is what it is called.


Kithgard Dungeon is the name of a campaign with 54 levels in it. I’ve never heard of a level called Kithgard Dungeon. There is a level in the Kithgard Dungeon campaign called, “Dungeons of Kithgard,” but there are no doors to open in it so I’ve no idea what you mean.


Still learning python.

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okay. (20 characters)


Kithguard mastery is the one


There is a raven at the bottom who will tell you the password. You have to say the password at front of the door to open the door. I don’t think you could attack it. After that, you have to disable the “fire-trap”
You have to say how many gems you have. So then type down hero.say("1") for the first “fire-trap” and say hero.say("1") for the second “fire-trap”.


You cannot “open” a door you have to break it, also it would be a lot of help to tell us what level you are on too bad it does not work :frowning:


Uhhh this was 9 months ago…


I am new to this website so hello everyone! I am on Kithguard Dungeon level 8 in Code Combat. I am having trouble with finishing the level. The game says use the ui.track to defeat the munchkins in under 20 seconds. I always beat the game but never defeat the munchkins. Any ideas?


Hi Teagan_S and welcome to Code Combat Discourse! Please start a new topic and post your code according to the below. Also, be sure to add the level name. We can’t tell what the level is according to the number.


Thank you for your reply! Sorry if I did it wrong :grimacing: Question though, how do you start a new topic?:thinking: I asked @discobot but he didn’t answer my question.



Thanks so much! Sorry if I got you irritated. I am good at that :smirk:


Why do you think I was irritated? (I wasn’t) :thinking:

Hmmmmmm, maybe I should use blue arrows from now on?


Is this more friendly?


Sure. (20 character rule!)


oh, good that you weren’t irritated! :sweat: