Tundra tower 200000000

can we comand our tower example our archer tower to attack a specific monster only like only attack ogre only or only attack munchkin only?

I believe there is a way but I not very familiar with the code have you checked forums.

Give me a second ill write it out in javascript (and if you need python, try and translate it as best you can).

var monsters = hero.findMonsters();
var monsterIndex = 0;
    var monster = monsters[monsterIndex];
        var meatbag = monster;
        hero.setTargeting(hero.build('archer', 'A'), 'meatbag');

this makes sense in my head havent actually practiced it. Feel free to check it out.

You can’t set specific targets for your towers, you can only set their targeting preference:

tower = hero.build('archer', 'A')
hero.setTargeting(tower, 'left')

Okay, I see this now. (Opened my testing account and yeah, that just butchered the program.)